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Christ Pantocrator, Seslavtsi monastery

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Monument SL1
Tsvetan Vasilev
Naos, vault
Location in the scene
Surrounding the central image of Christ in the medallion
Spelling features
Christ Pantocrator
** -> Christ -> Pantocrator
Inscription Type
Τime of creation

Ἰ(ησοῦ)ς vac. Χ(ριστὸ)ς
ὁ Παντο vac. κράτορας

іс҃ vac. х҃с
опанто vac. краторас
Jesus Christ Pantocrator
παντοκράτορας. The form is the result of ther alignment of the third declension with the first declension: παντοκράτορα > παντοκράτοραν (AccSg forms), with the secondary formation of the NomSg παντοκράτορας (Бешевлиев 1939: 239, Browning 1983: 58–59). The attested demotic form παντοκράτορας implies that the writer had oral rather than written knowledge of the Greek language.
Madlen Naneva
when 2022-09-13;
who M.N.;
Tsvetan Vasilev, Dimitar Iliev
when 2023-10-21;
who Ts.V., D.I.;
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