Inscriptions in medieval images

Digital edition


ΟΡΑΣΙΣ is a digital platform for visualizing and presenting inscriptions from monuments of Christian art from the Byzantine and post-Byzantine period on the territory of Bulgaria and other Balkan countries, part of the so-called Byzantine Commonwealth. The inscriptions have a religious content and are generally classified as explanations, i.e. clarifying the names of scenes or characters in the temple or the icon, invocations – prayers, exclamations from the Bible, the liturgy, i.e. sacred texts related to divine service and donor’s inscriptions, valuable above all for their historical information.

The inscriptions are presented through photographic material, reading and commentary, both on the epigraphic data themselves and on the sources from which the corresponding texts are taken.

ΟΡΑΣΙΣ starts with a corpus of about 200 inscriptions in Greek from the 17th century, mostly from the territory of Western and Northwestern Bulgaria, documented and studied by Dr. Tsvetan Vasilev, a specialist in Classics from SU "St. Kliment Ohridski". In the course of time new epigraphic material will be added.

ΟΡΑΣΙΣ is an innovative project to help the researcher for further philological and art studies: it provides numerous opportunities for specialized search and sorting of information according to various parameters – chronological, iconographic, textual, geographical, etc.
ΟΡΑΣΙΣ, from the ancient Greek language vision, contemplation, can be a valuable helper when you еnter into the temple and look at the old medieval images of Christian saints – the texts in their scrolls are the fruit of contemplation and prayer to God.